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The organization KEEN SECURITY SERVICES was founded many years ago by Tariq Hussain who spent his childhood in this neighborhood.

He had grown tired of the constant talk from his neighbors about the increase in crime, and took matters into his own hands by establishing this organization.
Our organization quickly gained members through small, organized neighborhood parties and sporting events. Over the years, our involvement has grown and many events have now become part of the neighborhood. We are happy and proud to have made a difference.

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We have a long and impressive portfilio of major clients where most of these accounts were acquired and successfully managed. KSS is a continuation of this business and customer satisfaction driven tradition with a palpable of a good experience.

We feel proud for being appreciated by our clients for our best performance at the special events.

We Make a Difference

We have made a significant progress in implementing our strategy and are committed to our long term goal.

We manage our business in a way that protects communities, the environment,our people, customers, suppliers and create sustainable long-term partnership built on trust and respect.


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