KEEN SECURITY SERVICES PPO 16743 Guard Patrol We Secure You Better
KEEN SECURITY SERVICES             PPO 16743            Guard Patrol     We Secure You Better


Keen Security Services (KSS) is fully licensed and insured security agency located in Lodi, CA. We provide expert service and consultation with every client in their area of security needs on every level:

armed/unarmed security officers

Patrol service

executive protection

We provide physical security to protect assets, properties and human resources.  Our employees are our most valueable commodity. We treat them as we like to be treated. It's for that reason they go an extra mile to keep our clients happy. It's our commitment to provide you our highly qualified officers. Most of our staff had a great career in the security field, before joining our team.


We have a long and impressive portfilio of major clients where most of these accounts were acquired and successfully managed. KSS is a continuation of this business and customer satisfaction driven tradition with a palpable of a good experience.

We feel proud for being appreciated by our clients for our best performance at the special events.

We Make a Difference

We have made a significant progress in implementing our strategy and are committed to our long term goal.

We manage our business in a way that protects communities, the environment,our people, customers, suppliers and create sustainable long-term partnership built on trust and respect.


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